The F300 UV system from Heraeus Noblelight Fusion is a production-proven 300 watt/inch microwave-powered electrodeless lamp, packaged in a compact 6-inch modular unit. An optional integral blower makes installation and setup especially easy and is perfect for lab or other facilities where blower and ducting installation is difficult. Indicator lights make operating the system intuitive and easy.

  • 15 cm (6”) bulb length
  • 120W/cm output
  • Modules can be linked for wider systems
  • Quick restart feature available
  • Available with integral blower (shown) or remote blower

The F300 is a combination of the best features of the production-proven 300 watt/inch microwave powered electrodeless lamp, packaged in a more compact form. This economical, remotely controlled lamp now enables you to realize the full benefit of Heraeus Noblelight Fusion UV in your production process.

Popular "H", "D" and "V" bulb spectra available. The microwave lamp operates without the metal electrodes required in arc lamps and provides the most reliable, stable, and efficient UV curing system. It is the curing system of choice where minimal down time, minimum maintenance, and maximum product output are key performance parameters.

F300 UV Lamp System
F300 Installation