Maintenance Videos LH6

Please find a selection of the Heraeus Noblelight Fusion UV systems maintenance videos LH6 below.

The videos show tips on how to replace magnetrons, UV bulbs and reflectors and how to remove and reinstall the housing.

Please contact our technical department if you need additional assistance for your Heraeus Noblelight Fusion UV system.

At Efsen we carry a large stock of spareparts and we offer maintenance and repair of UV lamps and power supplies, both at our facilities in Vedbæk and on-site at your production. Please also visit our Engineering and Service section.

Maintenance Videos LH6

Housing Removal

I6B Housing Removal

I6P1 Housing Removal

I6P3 Housing Removal

Housing Installation

I6B Housing Installation

I6P1 Housing Installation

I6P3 Housing Installation

Magnetron Replacement

I6 Magnetron Replacement

Bulb Reflector Removal

I6 Bulb Reflector Replacement