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UV Curing

UV curing is a green and efficent technology widely used in many industrial processes. EFSEN represents the top suppliers in this field and has knowledge of the entire UV process from equipment, to process control and formulation consulting.

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UV LED Curing

EFSEN has developed som unique application focused solutions with the best suppliers in the market, and we have formulation experince that will help you leverage all the benefits of the UV LED technology, without compromise.


Electron Beam

EFSEN represents the best suppliers within EB equipment and we can also be of assistance with formulation consulting for EB processes. We work with EB technology in the energy range from

Benefits of our ICAD® technology

Inline Continuous Automated Dynamic

  • ICAD® is the ONLY way to measure UV inline, full width and during proudction.
  • ICAD® gives you process control, ensuring you a stable, safe and high quality outcome of your production.
  • The value of being warned before your process is out of specifications is tremendous in means of yield, quality and reduction of wasted material.

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