About us

We are a Danish engineering & trading company founded in 1986, with focus on radiation technology within the fields of UltraViolet radiation curing and Electron Beam applications by means of UV-light.

We are specialized in the construction of the whole process around the radiation process, and can assist you with a solid mass of experience.

The Fight Against Cancer
Efsen is a company that supports the fight against cancer through donation to Kræftens Bekæmpelse, to support their fight against cancer.

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Company Facilities

Business Profile

Our customers can be found within a broad range of industries, as for example:


Fixation of components, curing of adhesives & component- and cable marking 

Medical Utensils

Curing of coatings, adhesives and marking inks 

Graphics Arts

Curing of inks, laquers and adhesives

Wood Finishing

Curing of coatings and filler

Automotive and 3D

Curing of coatings on 3D plastic parts

Optical Fibers

Curing of buffercoatings, fiber colors and adhesive joints

Custom Design UV Systems
A major part of our business is custom design of UV systems to specific customer needs based on the integration of Heraeus Noblelight Fusion UV Inc. UV lamps. We supply total solutions, separate UV systems and retrofit UV lamps to existing machinery.

Development & Testing
For customers with a need to test and develop a process, we participate with know how, equipment and measuring instruments in practical testing and definition of process parameters.

Process Control
Along with the increased use of UV, the demand for measuring and process control also increases. We supply EIT’s complete range of radiometers. Through many years of cooperation with our many customers involving these procedures, we have gained an extended knowledge in the area concerning relevant ways of measuring and process control.