ebeam Core

The LE Series provides an improved means of leveraging the benefits of electron beam energy; you will agree that it is Smarter Energy. This technology is an effective tool to grow your business because it enables you to better serve your customers and benefit your own operations.

The Series is space saving and has been tailored for the lower voltage range needed for printing applications. Maintenance accessibility has been given a high priority. The "side fire" orientation provides easy access for foil changes. We also configure the PLC-based controls for access by your maintenance technicians.

LE Series Specifications

  • Operating Voltage Range, 70 to 175 kV
  • Standard Web Widths, 910 mm (36”), 1370 mm (54”) and 1800 mm (72”)
  • Surface Dose Rate, 12,000 kGy-m/min
  • Crossweb Uniformity, +/- 8% Guaranteed

LE Series Delivers

  • Lower Power Consumption, 40% less than competitive models
  • High Throughput, Energy to cure at full press speeds
  • Superior Film Handling - Integrated shield roll
  • Easier Maintenance - Low profile side-fire orientation

The new LE series from PCT has large advantages in uniformity, low power consumption and the unique integrated chill roll which helps in minimizing the use of nitrogen.

ebeam Core