The iFLEX-Gemini is a 2-Line Laser Engine

The iFLEX-Gemini is a solid-state 2-line laser source providing a combined, co-axial output beam. The system is mode-hop free and wavelength stabilized as a direct result of active temperature control. Automatic closed loop control ensures excellent long term power stability.

Each laser is independently controlled instead of combining beams through an Acousto-optical tunable filter. This enables instantaneous switching between wavelengths and simultaneous emission. Fiber coupled versions of the iFLEX-Gemini are also offered. It is possible to attach the fiber after receipt of the iFLEX-Gemini. Its robust design eliminates the need for user alignment of the internal laser sources. It is a true turnkey system.

Applications benefitting from the iFLEX-Gemini include; Confocal Microscopy, Optogenetics, Flow Cytometry, Test and Measurement, Argon gas laser replacement and Medical Imaging and Instrumentation.

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iflex gemini 2-line laser engine

Key features:

  • Output Beam – Combined, Co-axial, Gaussian
  • Fully independent laser control
  • True Off for each wavelength
  • Class leading power stability
  • Ultra-low noise performance
  • Class leading beam pointing stability


  • No laser alignment required
  • Easy to use, portable, turnkey system
  • Long useful lifetime compared to gas lasers
  • Reliable and repeatable measurements


  • Select wavelength pairs from 405 - 640 nm
  • Select output power levels required
  • Single-mode polarization maintaining fiber
  • OEM custom and CDRH compliant versions