The LightHammer® Mark III System is a complete Smart UV Curing System. Further development of the advanced smart power supply platform, the LightHammer® Mark II, are several sensors now integrated into the Irradiator to make the Intelligent Irradiator.

Heraeus Noblelight’s new Intelligent Irradiator is part of the LightHammer® Mark III System and it is IoT-enabled for today’s and the future’s Digitization Roadmap.

Key Features

  • New sensors added to measure relative UV intensity, irradiator air pressure, inlet air temperature, bulb temperature, magnetron temperatures, ambient temperature, air humidity, and irradiator orientation.
  • With intelligence now added to the Irradiator, the irradiator operating parameters can be measured and monitored remotely, and data obtained from the new sensors is sent to the associated power supply via a CAN communication.
  • Heraeus monitoring software, Advanced Integrated Monitoring System (AIMS Cloud) are now available for the LightHammer® Mark III Systems and the entirety of this data can be viewed.
  • The software application, AIMS Cloud, provides accurate real-time system performance monitoring, enhanced system diagnostics, and preventative maintenance capability this improve total cost of ownership, increase equipment and production up-times, increase operational intelligence, and improve system efficiency and reliability.
  • Use data for system performance monitoring, system diagnostics and predictive maintenance, and much, much more.

Intelligent Irradiator has same form and fit of existing LHI10 Mark II irradiators.

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