LAB WoodCure

The Lab WoodCure is a UV system with 2 lamps for development and testing of UV lacquers or other types of UV chemistry. The system is specially designed with focus on high intensity, variable power 40-120W/cm2, clean environment, detailed cooling control and long lifetime on bulbs and reflectors

The operation of the lamps is operated on a panel, which is mounted on the side of the conveyor. The operator panel has an ON/OFF function, a potentiometer for variable power level adjustment as well as a display showing the chosen power level.

The Lamp House
The cooling of the lamp module is done by a Push-Pull principle, where the cold air passes through the double walls of the lamp unit. A plenum spreads out the air, so uniformity is greatly improved. The air passes the bulb and is then sucked through the reflectors and out through the exhaust blower, which thereafter should be lead to outdoor enviroment.
The cassette is fixed with the reflector and bulb, so none of these parts are moving. Furthermore it is very easy to maintain reflector and bulbs by having extra reflectors. This minimizes downtime for maintenance and bulbs change.
Unlike the regular Efsen WoodCure Lamps, the Lab WoodCure does not have shutters installed.
The lamps can only be activated when the conveyor is running and this is to prevent to overheat and damage the conveyorbelt.

The Electrical Cabinet
The electrical cabinet is integrated beneath the conveyor
The cabinet has 2 stepwise 9kW electronic power supplies for power control of the lamps. The electronic power supplies has variable adjustment from 40-120W/cm.
The cabinet and control is prepared for emergency stop, start, stop and error signals. On the front side of the conveyor the status can be monitored.
The electrical power has to be connected to 3 x 400VAC. The wiring from the lamps to the electrical cabinet is included.

Conveyor is made of aluminium alloy rollers and a total conveyor length of approx 1400mm. On top of the conveyor is mounted a light shield which holds two WoodCure UV lamps of the above described.

A potentiometer is used for the regulation of the conveyor speed. Speed interval suggested 4-40m/min and an LED display shows the actual speed setting.

Lab WoodCure

Belt type and width Kevlar belt 600mm width
Conveyor length Approximately 1400mm
Power level 40-120 W/cm2 – 40Wcm2 in standby 2 x 9kW solid state
Cassette for reflector Included 1 per lamp system
Cooling fans 2 fans per WoodCure (1 inlet – 1 exhaust) 
Reflector Elliptical for highest intensity parabolic for gloss control included
UV bulbs 1 Mercury and 1 Gallium included