UV bench

UV box for surface disinfection

UV BENCH is designed for disinfection larger products with corners and cracks where cleaning and dispensing can be difficult such as toys, soccer balls, tennis balls, tools etc.

Within less than a minute, a 99% disinfection of most common bacteria and virus can be achieved on the outer surfaces.

It is a smart and effective way to disinfect toys in kindergartens and schools where children can be involved in the process while watching the process through the window.



Safety Precautions!

Inside UV BENCH is a powerful UV lamp system which enables fast process time to disinfect. The requires extra attention to safety from the operator. UV BENCH can be used for irradiation on all surfaces of different materials – but must never be used to irradiate skin, humans, animals, or other organic matters.

Safety precautions when using: Key for activation, push button with timer and redundant door switch system for extra safety.